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ๅŒฟๅ said: what would you do if: your boyfriend deletes your comments on social network frequently, he doesnt show affection, doesnt talk to you that much and has to be told by your friends what do you with you? (eg: friend tells him to walk with you, to go plan a date, etc).. i just need help u.u

hm… ask him why he deletes comments? to hide from relatives that also have fb or is he embarrassed of you? ask him why he is like this, and tell him how you feel. in relationships communication is the key, trust me โ˜บ๏ธโ˜บ๏ธ

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ๅŒฟๅ said: there's this guy i've known for a good 10 years now. we've been talking for a little now, and i'm slowly getting a crush on him.. the thing is, i intro'd him and his best friend to my girl friends and one of them finds the guy i like hot and she knows that. now her and the other girls keep talking infront of me about how she should hook up with him when they clearly know that i like him... i just feel so betrayed? idk. i'm just very sad right now.

that’s really …………………not nice of your friends. they shouldn’t do this at all. you should stick up for yourself, don’t let them hurt your feelings like that c:

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ๅŒฟๅ said: i started going gym recently and i'm so happy that i've started!!! yesterday was my second day at the gym and i worked out on my arms and legs and now i'm in pain. i'm going tomorrow again and i can't waiiittt!!!~

the pain after a good work out is real nice, keep up the work ! ^^

ๅŒฟๅ said: just friends, family and boyfriend.. u.u ive been crying too much for weeks.

i hope you do get better and cheer up ! c:

"i can’t be a pizza boy because in reality i don’t give anyone my food"


Exo----> B1A4; "Who is the coolest member on stage?"
gongchan: it's suho! suho!!!
baro: nO! kyungsoo is the best !1!
cnu: hEY, it's KAI! KAAAAI
sandeul: NO IT ISN"T. it's chanyeoL!
jinyoung: i's kai..